Being a mum, a home one and a working one causes you to constantly evaluate your “quality of mummying”. The constant tiredness, wifeing and barking of orders like manners, teeth, bedtimes, screen time, the list goes on.

I think my staff get the best of me and the kids gets the offal. What ever energy I can muster up to get through the evening. That messes with my brain, so complaining about it does zero! It just annoys my husband. So what I do now is give myself permission to chill, STOP and lie down on the couch for 1/2 a day in the weekend without feeling guilty!!! It actually gives the kids time to catch up with me… come for a snuggle, talk and just be. I used to think I had to constantly run around like a maniac blue arse fly, looking and being busy to be of value to anyone. I now know to look after me and have time out.

I’ve also thought F. . K the dishes and leave them piled up for the day in the weekend and go do something with the kids. Anything from baking to gardening, pools, watching a kids movie on TV, videoing the dog jumping broom handles and watching dance routines they have created. Its about creating memories. My husband gets whats left after our staff and kids. So we’ve started going to bed earlier, we have to make time for each other to relax and reconnect, snuggling up and watching an episode of Netflix each night in bed together. Occasionally you have to “take one for the team” to have him whistle through his next day and happily do household jobs you’ve listed.

Tell them all what you individually love about them and have a quote you use often “it’s cool to be different”. The kids will turn out OK. Just remember work is what you do NOT WHO YOU ARE! Time is golden. Priorities, our kids aren’t little for long so if the house looks messy and burgled for a couple of days who gives a shit. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The kids would’ve loved you hanging with them. Take loads of selfies and videos on your phone with them too. Its visual insurance that you are a good mum. Chuck them on Facebook its a great time line.

Love Suz xox