Why?… its a question I ask myself daily.

Why Suzie do you do what you do? Mum to five kids, wife to husband Kiwi & hands on owner & clothing designer for The OOSH Experience. A group of stores born from $5 and a dream to empower woman to be comfortable in the body there are in, with honest advice and some great NZ Made clothing. Oops almost forgot to mention I also run a NZ Made clothing factory, property investment company and importing business, as well I’m a motivational public speaker, radio host, business coach and entertainer extraordinaire, (breath Suzie breath)…phew!

Life’s never boring round here, some people call me crazy, where does she get her energy, how does she do what she does… why does she do what she does? When times are tough and I haven’t seen my kids for a while or I’m sitting alone in a motel room, that why? question comes up a lot.

What do I know about myself.  I’m a passionate 40 something Crazy Mumma, my life lessons confirm that I was put on this earth to make a difference. Yeah I make mistakes, but I don’t let them stop me. I know who I am and I know I’m good at what I do. I’m empowering others with my experiences and knowledge in my own Crazy Mumma way. Yeah its corny, but my kids have to grow up in this world, so I need to make it a better place!

So that question again… Why? Because I can, because I’m good at it and hell why not?


We’ll talk again soon, Love Suz xox