No, its just fricken hard work, perseverance and sacrifice!

Today I was in Palmerston North talking to another business owner who works 70 hour weeks and friends told her she’s lucky… we discussed LUCK furiously. I feel like head butting the next person that tells me ‘I’m lucky’ nice house, nice kids, nice car, successful OOSH business… PISS OOOOOFF. Luck doesn’t come into it we certainly didn’t win Lotto (not through lack of trying). The truth about luck seems to be the more I work, the luckier I get. I work hard and my sacrifice is time. Time I can never get back for my kids. In other words the energy you put in is what comes out WORK! We all have a 24 hour day and a seven day week. We all make our own choices in life and take risks. When you study, or work or have a baby, its all choices. We all have a story its up to us how our story ends. We all know whats right and wrong, which path to take. We all have stress, but its how we deal with it. Learn tools to deal with it. Life is certainly what you make of it.

The truth about success, it looks easy, but is:

  • Hard work
  • Risk
  • Late nights
  • Struggles
  • Fears
  • Failures
  • Action
  • Discipline
  • Courage
  • Doubts
  • Change
  • Criticism
  • Disappointment
  • Mistakes
  • Adversity
  • Rejection
  • Sacrifices

Nothing is easy, if it looks too easy don’t trust it or do it. Its about trying and not giving up. It took ten thousand failed attempts before Thomas Edison was successful with his invention… the light bulb!

I’ve failed in many different ideas in business and life. It doesn’t mean you give up, you just find another way to get to your goal. Re-map it out, re-route. People give up too easily these days. When there’s a little conflict and no compromise on work, jobs, business, especially marriage. Learning to communicate, de-stress, understanding the other person with counselling helps, as our upbringing can bring a lot of baggage into our relationships. Simple gritty, raw determination, not talking, no for an answer. Rolling over is often the easy option, but I’ve found our the hard way, certainly not the best option. In a marriage and in work environments.

Teaching our kids… ethics… work hard, don’t expect handouts, take pride in what you do, learn to cope with constructive criticism and conflict. Teach them how to react to CONFLICT. So as soon as they get a rark up at work they don’t quit and run for the hills or cut up rough and start swearing at the boss. Tell the kids to treat school like a job and the teacher like the boss!!!

  • Get your kids doing chores.
  • Lead by example, don’t pay them for routine chores its just part of being in a family. It helps self esteem and a sense of belonging. Let them do extra chores for pay eg ours will price jewelry or mow lawns, help build a shop fit-out/paint.
  • Model hard work for them, take them to see what you do.
  • Show them positive working role models eg The Big Block DIY program or Master-chief or see us at work.
  • Find out what they are good at and get them into it. My son Buster loves farming, so its farm work in the holidays.
  • Ask what they want to be when they grow up? Murphy wants to be a bull rider, so he goes to bull riding courses. Pipi wants to be a vet, I have her help with the animals, feed, walk and water.
  • Boost their confidence with telling them they can do anything with hard work, determination, self motivation and a GOAL.
  • Tell them it isn’t easy, but they can do it. Work daily towards that goal.
  • Tell your kids that they will attract whatever they thing they are worthy of… tell them and yourself. Whatever they think they can and whatever they think they can’t, they are right!
  • So help them feel good about themselves and you be good to yourself.
  • Tell them YOU BELIEVE IN THEM.

Before you tell someone they are lucky, think about it.

Lucks definition is: “Success or failure apparently bought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

A successful business, career, marriage and kids is certainly not by LUCK, Lotto is luck! Its from hard work, risk, determination, goals, sacrifice and blood, sweat and tears. Next time say good on you, you’ve done well through hard work. Appreciate and be grateful for all you have, the simple things. Its the little things that make life big!

Suz xox