When the school bus comes in five minutes… none of my kids are dressed, let alone have brushed their teeth and the house looks burgled. You have a loads of questions waiting to be answered for the OOSH business, money, wages for 50 staff, emails, designs, factory work, social media, meetings, speaking engagements, travelling to our shops to support our managers. It can all be a bit overwhelming!@#$% Then add in my husband too, I feel Tourette’s coming on and think how do I fit good parenting in here. Trying to give 100% to everything is not easy… when you feel tourettesy… FARK!!! ARGH!!!

We all have stress… its how you learn to deal with it and handle it that matters! Wanting to have a stress free life is all good, but realistically IMPOSSIBLE.

Some people internalise it, like my husband Kiwi and goes quiet and withdrawn, whereas I show and verbalise it outwardly. By acting loud, rushing, everything’s a urgent priority and I’m short tempered and a bit manic. Sometimes insomnia, so tired, moody… can withdraw. It affects your body and behavior. I eat like a maniac when stressed too and loose my sex drive.

So what do you do?

  1. Hot shower to wind down at night before bed.
  2. Try to get an early night, at least two nights a week.
  3. I listen to meditation on you tube on my phone with earphone to help me get to sleep, if my mind is crazy. “Perfect Health Day, Deepak Chopra and Oprah” you tube day one, there’s a months of daily meditations.
  4. Don’t eat junk food or drink fizzy before bedtime.
  5. I get outside when the kids get home when I can. We muck around with our animals horses, pig, dogs and lambs. It grounds me, it calms me.
  6. Technology free (unless taking pictures).
  7. I’m shit at doing exercise, but this morning I did a half hour walk/almost run, with no technology near me. Go to the gym if you feel the need.
  8. TALK… have a safe person you can rant to that you trust 1000%. I have Trish she was in business and has four kids and a hubby too. So can empathise and relate and not judge.

We (Kiwi my husband and I) are seeing Celia Short she’s a psychoanalyst in Palmy. Celia helps people like CEO’s in very stressful positions and partners deal with each other and a stressful life. Balancing life and work and communication is the key.

As we are opposite personalities, from different upbringings, different cultures and different ways we were exampled and shown growing up in the 70’s and 80’s to deal with stress. It wasn’t really talked about. My dad was always on edge, so he drank alcohol, not ideal as it killed him at 65. So we need to learn better ways to cope. Its all about understanding, dealing and changing.

Have a day a week that there is NO work. Its just about you, your hobby, sport, TV, kids, movies, cooking, swim, whatever relaxes or excites you. The business would eat me alive, work me 24/7 if I let it and I’d be constantly wound up, so don’t let yourself. Drama and external stress is a pig of a thing. Family and friends who always have drama… “Drama is a party that you don’t always need to invite yourself too”. Think “I’ll leave that with them!”. Don’t text them back, or remove yourself from the situation. Don’t absorb their stress and drama as you have got enough on your own plate to deal with.

Remember life is too short to hang out with dicks so be around fun, trusting, stress free, loving friends, they help you to DE-STRESS!

In a nutshell:

  • Hot shower
  • Time out
  • Don’t work 24/7
  • Recharge

We all de-stress in different ways. So plan actively to look after yourself. Get woman’s or men’s executive plus multi vitamins. Care for yourself as you won’t be much good to anyone if you have a breakdown and end up in the psych unit on meds. Mind you, any mother would think that a holiday, padded room, quiet, sleep all day, medication, no visitors allowed, food and cleaner provided.

Look after YOU!

Suz xox