My mum Heather came to stay from Napier and did all my washing and cleaned my whole house, when I was away visiting the OOSH Managers in New Plymouth, Cambridge and Mount Maunganui for four days this week. That’s no easy feat with five kids under thirteen and two adults who work full time… BOOM! Thanks you a bloody legend mum, I am grateful. Practical help is the BEST when you are a busy mum. I will pay it forward when I have grand kids too and to randoms everyday.

Appreciating the little things…

  • Sunshine
  • Roses (the flower and the chocolate)
  • Cashew nuts
  • Nail polish
  • Dogs greeting
  • Tank water
  • Cuddles from my kids
  • Sellotape
  • Nelson my Labrador dog
  • Stretch fabric
  • My crazy sister
  • My team… OOSH
  • Cider
  • TIME with my kids
  • Trish and Irene

Being thankful for all the things in your life and not wishing your life away. My neighbour said to her farmer hubby “if we won lotto, what would you want to do with the money?” I loved his response that “he’d probably pay off some farm debt and keep doing what he’s doing… farming”. He’s living the life he loves, land, animals, family, simply happy.

People tend to look too much at what everyone else has got. Fancy car, fancy house, keeping up with the fancy pants. Wishing they had the same…ugh. Its just stuff, people like to keep up appearances (probably all on tick and borrowed dollars). Its so shallow, stuff is material, its isn’t WHO you are, its just what you have. You can’t take it with you to heaven.

Make memories. Don’t save for the new lounge suite, instead save for the holiday with the kids whilst they still want to be seen with you. Take PHOTOS and have fun. Furniture fades, memories stay the same. Our furniture is a bit dated, but instead of saving $50 a week for a leather lounge suite, I pay a cleaner. So I get more time with my kids after school and in the weekends, time I am grateful for.

  • TIME is golden
  • TIME you can’t get back

There’s only one thing more precious than time, its actually who you decide to spend that time with. Our lives are so busy these days. So be grateful for who you are and what you have. Don’t be greedy, remember you can always make more dollars later. But you can’t make time. I wish I spent more time with my dad and granddad, they are dead now so I can’t. Appreciate the living…

  • APPRECIATE the quirks and personalities
  • APPRECIATE the conversations and the humour
  • APPRECIATE and be grateful they are alive

So YAY the weather forecast this weekend is SUNSHINE, buggar the housework. I’m sure my five kids will be grateful that I’m outside spending time with them on ponies and motorbikes and maybe the beach. All of us enjoying and appreciating being alive in a safe country. I bet I’ll be rarking them up heaps though.


Suz xox