So who the F – – K am I? Geez that’s a hard one.

BRAINSTORM!!! I guess I am what I know? Experiences or intuition, gut feeling.

I guess we are a product of the experiences we have or chase. It gives us our belief, character, feelings, emotions and desires. I guess self awareness is knowing WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT and KNOWING and hopefully LIKE WHO YOU ARE, the authentic you.

ME… Mrs Suzie Johnson is:

  • Bossy
  • Stroppy
  • Opinionated
  • Tactless
  • Funny
  • Quirky
  • Passionate
  • Advocate
  • Loyal
  • Can be a bitch

I know what I know, by trusting what I’ve learnt from the experiences I’ve had. I’m a product of all my life experiences I have had, that’s shaped me.

  • An alcoholic Dad made me defensive, forgiving, occasionally violent, self maintaining, strong, hateful, resilient, short tempered, driven, sneaky, ability to know when to shut up or disappear.
  • A job from 12 made me reliable, hard working and responsible. Saving for what I needed and wanted. Self worth and self governed.
  • Horses in my life gave me, peace, responsibility, unconditional love, friendships, care and kindness, nurturing, exercise awareness, goal driven and love animals.
  • Being overweight as a child made me become, sensitive, vulnerable, hard tough exterior, funnier to fit in, sneaky with food, shame and guilt.
  • Being a curvy adult has made me address issues with courage and change. I’m now raw, earthy and real. Empathetic, accepting of self, kinder to self, understanding, enlightened, educated, self accepting, loved and give love. They say “you are what you eat”. I believe “you are how others make you feel or how you feel about yourself”.
  • Other things like, friendships, nursing training, ancestry, business owner, failures and successes, wife, designer and mother.

Those things have made and shaped me to who I am today. My self awareness, a sum of all these parts, the good and the bad. The bad times make me stronger and appreciate the good. I like who I am now. I don’t make excuses if people don’t like this authentic me, I’ll leave that with them. I talk about what I know, people can tell if you’re a bullshitter.

I’ll teach what I know, as I am the only “ME”, authentic, raw, earthy and funny. Occasionally I have self doubt, like why would they want me? and nerves and also think WTF am I doing? That’s normal. We aren’t in this world to be perfect. So take that self awareness. Know who you are and own that shit. Don’t try to be anyone else. You are here for a reason. Write 50 words that reflect YOU! NOW!

You can only keep improving you and learning, using this to help others. So that’s why I public speak, write blogs and tell people it’s OK to be you and happy in the skin you are in, no matter what shape or history you have. Bloody love yourself, rolls and all. I photograph everything, be the selfie Queen. Chase and embrace any new life experiences, as it all adds to our own SELF AWARENESS.

You are the sum of all your life experiences, feel, deal, heal and shine.

  • I have a story or 1000 stories to tell
  • I am 42
  • I have curves and stretch marks
  • I am a mother, not a perfect mother, but a good one
  • I am a business owner
  • I am a wife
  • I understand and design fashion
  • I am a good friend
  • I understand body shape
  • I understand selling
  • I understand woman

I’ll own that SHIT. I’ll talk about all that and more because its in my DNA, its real. I understand and live it.


From the authentic me, Suz xox