You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.

Funny how people know more about me than I do. Especially living in a small town. Did you know I was pregnant again. LOL no me either… better contact the Woman’s Day. Is it better to be preggy at 42 or 52, now that would get me on the front page?

Being in business almost ten years now. Its weird I used to give a shit about what people said about me. People who hadn’t even me me would say they didn’t like me. Now I don’t as long as my close friends and family know me and love me. I really don’t care.

“BIG minded people talk about ideas. REGULAR minded people talk about events.SMALL minded people talk about other people”. Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m too busy with life to gossip. I’m often told of rumors of where I’m starting a business in a new town. Kids, work etc I’m too busy to worry about what others say or think of me. I KNOW I’m a good honest, hardworking person with a good heart, genuine, raw and fun. I think that people probably aren’t happy with their own lives, if they are busy worrying about mine. Remember just because it is said doesn’t mean it true. So if you feel like your always drawn into other peoples drama and gossip you don’t have to be… ignore, move on, change the subject. Remember that if a person gossips to you about others, they will gossip about you to others. I guess gossip is a party you don’t need to invite yourself to. Some people really enjoy and thrive off the adrenaline buzz of drama and gossip. Its negative energy and a waste of your precious time.

We have a saying “Its not my Lama, if I don’t need to feed and water it, its not my problem”. So if it isn’t directly your business or problem, don’t spread it. It will die a slow death when it hits your ears, you won’t give it the time or effort to pass it on. Ask yourself, is it mean or kind?, there’s a simple way to think of it. Is it constructive or destructive to pass it on. Is it helpful or encouraging. So don’t say things behind someones back if you won’t say it to their face. Karma’s always going to catch up with you so be wary of running your mouth.

Teenage girls you will have a lot less drama at school if they listen more and talk less… oh and play more sport and beware of boys. Birds pick at the best fruit, so if they talk about you, ignore it and carry on. They’ll find another subject soon. So basically as I always say you can’t control the way people act or what they say about you. You can control how you react to them. Be brave, walk away, IGNORE, don’t feed into it or give them amo. Find positives in people and talk about that. Girls let the ladder down and help other girls up with kind words, positive energy, real friendships.

A friendship doesn’t last when one person boosts them self by discussing others and putting others down. Be kind and think before before you speak. Sometimes my greatest accomplishment is keeping my big mouth SHUT


Suz xox