Far out, dropped my thirteen year old son off to go to the movies to meet his girlfriend (who’s really lovely and I like her). Conversation went something like this…

“Make good choices, don’t nick anything, remember lots of people know me in Palmy so if you’re an egg in town, I will find out”

“Nothing inappropriate, remember you are thirteen… but have fun”

“Call me later”

Letting go is hard especially when reflecting on my own teenage years. My kids seem so cute and young still. My husband Kiwi says I’d be a monster in law!. WHAT! Whatever, I think I’m nice. Is it normal for every mother to think it’ll have to be pretty amazing girls to deserve my three sons. I know they are only young, but I worry about girls and how forward they seem to be these days on phones and social media. You hear of stories of girls trapping boys with pregnancy, like some on Teen Mom on TV. Its all really scary. I do think and worry a lot. The teen brain is so different to an adult brain, thinking of the now, not the future.I have two daughters also, five kids altogether.

No mothers perfect, but there is a million ways to be a good one. I try, its not easy to let go. Also keeping a very open communication where no subject is tabu. Both Kiwi and I try to be approachable and talk about age appropriate subjects they may bring up. My eldest boys are twins. I accidentally gave one of the twins the sex talk twice. LOL I got them muddled up! They think that’s a great joke, I will never live that down. I trust my relationship with my husband is a good example to the kids of how a man is to treat a lady and vice versa. Open communication, open affection, laughing and a 50/50 share of parenting and chores, they see on a daily basis. A strong sense of family as a unit and mutual respect. We all have better days than others. They all fight as siblings, but resolve. My husband and I fight occasionally too, not yelling or screaming at each other, but quietly work things out. I occasionally want to head butt him, but refrain.

The love in our house is gritty, raw, really crazy, funny BUT REAL. Hopefully they treat partners as they want to be treated and that is reciprocated.

I know they are young, 13, 13, 10, 9 and 7. But arghhh it still worries me and the dating is only the start. Can’t keep then close and protect them forever. I’ll always be around to pick up any pieces if need be.


Suz xox