His Passion is contagious…

My ten year old Murphy alias “Chunky Boy” (nicknamed because he was humongous when he was born, he looked like he came out wanting a pie and cake). He’s a rodeo kid, he lives to ride bucking calves one one day steers, bulls, horses and broncos. He gets his rush and zest for life from risk. As a mum its hard to stomach, but I suck it up and let him. School certainly isn’t and never has been his focus. He’s not an academic, but definitely a creative with a short attention span. Focus has been a struggle until he discovered this sport. His goal is to be a professional bull rider in the USA. He absorbs info, watches all the older cowboys, any minute he gets he’s on You Tube watching coaches and bull rides.  He is disciplined, he runs and eats well, he has to stay under 40kg. Practices on a pony and on a barrel. His passion certainly isn’t mine, but that’s what makes it unique. We aren’t a family that has ever been into rodeo. We have five kids and this little fella is left field. The first time he saw bull riding he sat mesmerised with dilated pupils.

“That is what I want to do!”

We laughed it off as a phase and after hounding us for over a year we put him into a three day course with an amazing rodeo family “The Birds” in Kimbolton with their Parklee Bulls. Shane Bird is the bullfighter and keeps our kids safe. Risking his own life to protect them from the bulls! That takes BALLS! The coach Brad Scott is a five times Australian champ from Aussie.

Chunks had to learn how to ride properly and safely. Understand the form, balance and technical side with respect for animals and people and himself as a cowboy. He’s learnt to focus and clear his mind, encouraged to write his goals. Its taught him dedication and humility. Plus helped his natural competitiveness and learnt resilience. He’s learnt practice more and plan ahead.

A lot of kilometers and long drives all over New Zealand, for a six second ride. Patience to save for his gear, to be grateful and thankful for the ride and support. All of these traits will carry him through to be a good man, a kind man, a confidant and driven man with focus. I thank all the cowboys he has behind him for this. I especially thank Brad whom Chunky idolises. He really doesn’t realise how much he’s influenced my boy and is such a positive role model. I thank him for this.

Some people cruise through life without a goal or purpose, which is sad, whats the point? Find out what drives you, makes you get up early, excites you, is a passion and do that.

We drive past Massey University daily, Murph said “I’m not going to go to university mum, I’m going to break in horses and ride bulls…” I say “go for it my boy, be the best bull rider and horse breaker you can be. Make a goal and smash the shit out of it. I’m right behind you… with food, bandages and lots of positive, supportive, yelling from the stands!”

What I’ve learnt from my competitive rodeo calf riding ten year old “Chunky Boy”.

  • PASSION use their passion to get jobs done at home, “if you do this I’ll drive you here…” bribery is my friend.
  • FOCUS put in your ear plugs if there’s noise around you get in the ZONE!
  • GOALS set and write your goal, plan hoe to get there.
  • PRACTICE or you won’t win.
  • RESPECT animals bigger than you more.
  • APPRECIATE and thank help around you. You always need someone to help tie your riding rope in the shoot.
  • HUMILITY stay humble, no one likes a blow arse.
  • SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW let the ladder down, help another up.
  • DON’T GIVE UP you won’t always win, but don’t give up and roll over. Suck it up move on, tomorrows another rodeo.
  • LIFE IS TOUGH but you are tougher.
  • PASSION IS CONTAGIOUS I love watching rodeos now, love cowboys, love hats and boots.
  • RISK calculated risk is OK!
  • BE THE BEST YOU you can be. Fuck others opinions of what you should be.

This shit just got real.


Love Suz xox