Best for your own safety to get out of my way… shits gonna change!



I’m sick of the weather in Manawatu. Miss my family and Napier friends and need work not to be at my home. I need to be closer to my sewing factory. I think we need change for two reasons.

1.  You learn loads and you are ready and want to change.


2.  You get hurt and shat on that you simply have no choice and have too.

So make the most of it, change is good, its a process. Sometimes life has to be shaken up and re arranged, then the universe puts you on the path you we’re meant to be on. Maybe its time for everything to change. Maybe its a sign you are reading this? Whats up in your life? Do you need to change it to be happier? Growth is impossible without change. Change can be uncomfortable. People who can’t change their minds and think outside of the box, will not change anything in their lives for the better.

Habit prevents change, its easier to stay the same. Change is a process, its scary, its not in the comfort zone, but its good, its progress. So once you have made a decision you make a plan start de-cluttering.

  • Your mind?
  • People?
  • Your life?
  • Your house?
  • All your shit… clear it!

Its quite liberating, I’ve started on drawers, tipping out and throwing away. Its slow but at least I’ve started. Now a move can’t happen fast enough. Its all or nothing, something has clicked in my brain NOW is the time. Its funny just one event pushed me to want out and away. The straw that broke the camels back. Fight or flight, fought for years, now its time to fly.

So 2017 will be a big change, new beginnings, sell our house, buy some land and move on. Scary but exciting. Huge workload ahead, as I’m aware its easier to stay put. I of all people know the easy option isn’t always the best option.

So our life, our future, our choice of who we choose to be around us and our family. One precious life use it wisely, don’t waste it. If you aren’t happy, change your life or yourself.


Suz xox