I need to think differently about aging! I turned 43 on the 16th of February. Freaking me out only seven years until I’m 50… that’s half a century.

I guess we believe we have lost our youth and will get old and wrinkly. I need to think of this age thing in a different way. Age is change, change is good, its moving forward, I’ve made it to 43.

I’ve learnt so much in the last year, two years, ten years. I’m a totally different woman than I was at 20, 30, especially at 40. I’m more sure of who I am now than I’ve ever been. Just because I’m aging doesn’t mean I’ll get ugly. It means that I have bigger laugh lines, lived in skin. I have experienced ups and downs, learnt new things about others and mostly myself. I need to own it, be glad I’ve grown older and believe I’m lucky to still be on this earth among the people I love for another year. I am who I am…

Media has a lot to answer for, age is never portrayed as a positive thing. No old Super Hero’s, no Super Grannies, no Old and wise Grannie with a perm in red Lycra flying to save the day. Society only thinks you are strong when you are young. I’m stronger physically and emotionally at 43 than I was at 20.

Each day is a gift, life is a gift, be thankful, be grateful especially for the little things. As we age we are evolving, growing, learning, changing, that’s a real privilege, especially when I think of people I know who have passed young.

I am aging gracefully, not fighting it, using face cream but not surgery. I’m still challenging myself, setting goals, making the most of what I have before I’m incontinent. I know I’ll never look 20 again, I can’t trick or defy gravity with my boob height and wrinkles. But I have experienced, I’ve lived, loved, laughed and am owning this skin. I am fitter and eating healthier than when I was young. I am grateful to get another year in this body to be me… Mum, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Employer, Sister, Auntie and Neighbor.

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Suz xox