I like to think of life and work or business as a boat, the Suzie boat.


  1. You have a few on the front, positive, energetic and helping you to move forward.
  2. The middle ones go with the flow, they are there for the ride.
  3. One or two on the back are trying to sink the boat.

Where and who do you put your energy into? Yup the front ones. We waste too much time and energy worrying about the negative arse on the back trying to sink us. That energy isn’t worth thinking about, or wasting our breath on, or spending time with. Ignore it and it will go away, like a flower, don’t feed and water it, it won’t grow.

So the message here is ignore life’s negativity, its not worth it. Put all your energy and appreciation into the positive ones moving things forward, the ones that love and support you. The ones along for the ride will look after themselves… Kia Kaha.

So remember where your focus goes, your energy flows, so focus on the good shit.

Check out my boat theory video here


Love Suz xox