Life is not just about the destination, its about the journey.

Its about what you learn on the journey, its like a ladder of life. We are all trying to get to the top, that’s the destination. We loose track of whats important along the way, like the old ‘stop to smell the roses‘ saying.

Each rung is an experience, its what you learn and absorb on the way up the ladder. Some rungs are amazing beautiful experiences you learn loads, put it in the memory bank. Some rungs you may experience struggle or mistakes. You may go down the ladder, but from every mistake you learn more about yourself, you grow, get stronger and get on up on your way again.

Its in the struggles and mistakes that we find our strength.

Remember there are snakes out there, people who are negative and will try to bring you down. Like the game, snakes and ladders, you can’t control their behavior, but you can control how you react to them, that’s where your power is. Ignore them, the dream takers and learn and move on up.

The moral of this story is its not always about the destination for me, 20 towns of OOSH. Its about what I’m learning on my way up the ladder and appreciating all the experiences on the way. Stopping to smell the flowers, then eat the cake and drink the wine!

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Love Suz xox