Get out of your comfort zone to GROW! Shit just got real.

I’m outa my comfort zone… BOOM I signed myself up to do a public boxing match for diabetes and obesity, at the stadium here in Palmerston North. When you put it out there publicly you gotta do it!!! announce to the world. Training nearly makes me vomit and I sweat like a gypsy with a mortgage. I’m getting fitter and stronger, there’s a strong compulsive motivation to train, the incentive is I don’t want to get a hiding in public.

May the 6th is D DAY! I need to have more faith in myself and my life that scares me. I thought waking up to my husband each day was enough. But no, if you aren’t getting out of your comfort zone you aren’t growing, you aren’t challenging yourself to be a better version of yourself. For me its not about a punch up, I can go to the pub for that. Its about getting fit, setting a goal, learning technique, co-ordination, focus, discipline, hard-work, focusing on ME… not the business, my kids, my hubby. Setting a goal and smashing the shit out of it, stick at it and make myself not quit.

I’ve lost nine kg already, the weight is falling off because I’ve changed my mindset. I want to be fit, I haven’t made it about being skinny and weight. Its about me and fitness, to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically. Its quite liberating as I am one that has battled with weight my whole life. I am at peace with my curves, boobs, rolls and stretchmarks, now they tell my story… I’ve lived. I guess its a turning 40 thing, you look at yourself differently and think.

Yip I’ll be judged, I’m OK with that! Others opinions of me is their business, so I’ll leave that with them.

I have faith in me, my kids have too. My ten year old son told me I’d demolish the other person. I guess that may be a bit of the Crazy Mumma Suz parenting coming out.

What I’m getting at is get out of your comfort zone, set a goal, big or small. To grow,to challenge yourself, it will lift your self esteem, you will be proud of yourself mastering a new thing. If you don’t try you will never know. I’m not sure who I’m fighting yet, so watch this space. Left right left, jab hook, duck and dodge the punches and wave if you see me running.

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