Ways to help you physically and mentally when your husband pisses you off…

I was away on a buying trip for For Frocks Sake our imported shop and went five grand over budget. I didn’t mean too… honestly I didn’t. He went off at me, feral, growling me, angry as. I was in the wrong, but I brought such cool clothes!

What I find helps when your husband makes you angry is doing the fingers vigorously (not to his face or any where he can see of course). If he’s in another room I’ll step behind the wall and for about a minute wave my arms and hands around, flipping the bird, doing fingers, jumping around, waving legs, bending knees, pulling faces, lip syncing obscenities. It uses a lot of pent up anger. Its like a work out for arms and hands. Its quite funny because they are in the other room and non the wiser… it makes you feel a whole lot better. Kinda like screaming, but its quiet.  

Its a tool you can use anywhere eg in a public toilet, while they wait for you outside. In the shower while they lie in bed lazily. In the kitchen while you cook dinner and they are in the lounge watching TV. This is about you releasing a bit of tension and anger towards them, instant gratification, a wee work out, no yelling needed!!! Makes a much calmer house. Share it with your girlfriends if you think it may help their relationship too. Much cheaper than counselling.

Happy times flipping the bird (naughty finger) behind walls. Wanna see the technique in action click here to check it out.