You can all relate to this… we all have that I don’t want any action tonight position in bed… aye!

He asks “whats wrong” you’re still angry “nothing” when that’s a lie and you could list ten things wrong. They piss you off, then come to bed as if nothing has happened. They dive into bed thinking it all on like donkey kong.

But I am armed with my all in one zipped in fleecy PJ’s… THE ONEZIE… men hate this invention, the giant stretch’n’grow. My position for no action is on my side, legs up in the fetal position, back to him, hands across heart.

All us girls have a position in bed to keep them at bay… whats yours? I asked my bestie her position in bed to keep her hubby at bay. Her’s is on her tummy, arms tucked in, PJ’d up. My other friend (who has asked to remain nameless LOL). PJ’s on, holds onto her own boobs securely, elbows down, back to him, legs stuck hard together, on her side. We all do it.

Funny how as a woman action is an emotional thing for us, it has to be a connection, with no conflict or being pissed off. For men its more of a physical release, up for it anytime. Its hard in a relationship, living and working together. But you make it work with communication, as they don’t always understand our body language ques.


My poor husband, nothing is sacred in our house, lucky he has broad shoulders! Watch my video here.


Suz xox