Husband training 101…you know that feeling when you want to leave a party, but your husband or partner doesn’t. He’s having roadie after roadie and won’t make eye contact with you, that was us on Saturday night. Its because we all as partners have the looks we give them.

I have a few different looks:

  1. The really look! Did you just say that! Mouth to one side, eye brow up, big eyes, double chin, head pulled back.
  2. You are in trouble when we get home look! Eyes squinted, evil stink eye stare, the no head shake.
  3. Pick it up, don’t leave it there for me to pick up look! Head shake, eye squint, mouth clench.
  4. You’re a dick look! A subtle eye roll, eyebrow droop.
  5. WTF look! Eyes bigger, hand palm up and head shake.
  6. I want to leave now look! Eye dart, head side nod.
  7. Did you really just give the kids that look! Show upper teeth, shake head for no, combined with a WTF look is quite a powerful one.
  8. OMG did you just say that look! Eyes bulging wide, eyebrows up.

I’ve been in my relationship 18 years, so my husband knows me and my looks well. If you are with your man, get teaching him the signs. It makes a relationship so much more harmonious. Without even having to open your mouth!

Need some help with your look! Check out my helpful video here.


Love Suz xox