Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team, (put out, action, jiggy jiggy) with your husband, to get shit done around home or to keep them non grumpy, whistling, upbeat and positive. Trust me I KNOW!

So turn the telly off, get out of your trackies and t-shirt, shower, pop on a fancy bra and undies set, preferably matching. Chuck on some lippy, bit of perfume and lure… get your sexy on, lol.

I find it helps to also get what you want, things go more in your favor with a lot less effort. Lawns get done more often, dinner gets cooked, dishes get done, kids get babysat. Say you are having a girls night out, he’ll say yeah go for it, have fun.

Initiate and make the effort, because from my experience, he ALWAYS feels like it. Guaranteed that half an hour of adult play will make him 20 times more productive round home, less grouchy too.

But do remember no MEANS NO. Don’t scare him or her, its got to be consensual. Even at work if he’s grumpy, my team will joke with me and tell me to ‘take one for the team’. Then the next day they have a happier much more productive CEO… good luck peeps. Oh and the CEO is my husband, it’s OK!

If you want the house painted, wall papered, dinner cooked, yard sorted, do ‘IT’ more often. Take one for the team! Check out my video, by clicking here.


Suz x