Mmmmm Kiwi my husband takes the girls shopping, bless him, best intentions. I love that he will take them shopping, he hates shopping. On daddy dates, he follows them and they lead him around the shops they want to look in eg Smiggles, K-Mart, Toy World etc. My dad would never have done this! Our dates with my dad John King in the late 70’s were TAB, filling flagons or the weekend trip to the dump. Occasional swim at the river or beach as long as he could bring beer.

One-time Kiwi came home and Scarlet aged about five had black long boots up to her thighs, we called them her slapper boots. Pipi picked tight shiny tights with glitter and spikey domes down the side, suitable for miss six years old, we called them her stripper pants… classy!

Now Kiwi phones to run any clothing picks the girls make past me. He’s says, “Well that’s what they wanted” gotta laugh. The girls wore the items until one day neither could be found. The bonus of me being the chief cook and bottle washer, ugly clothes can just disappear…

Then be replaced with pink boots and pink tights picked by mum ❤️

Suz x