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Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself!

  • Get out of your comfort zone!
  • It makes you feel alive!
  • The stress of a new challenge creates more focus!

Fight or flight, it’s a biological response, we all have self-doubt, that’s normal. Still push and try, find joy in the journey. When you complete the challenge, you feel amazing!!!

  • Trust in yourself!
  • Trust the process in getting there!
  • No regrets!
  • No excuses!

My challenge, my new parenting show I’m writing, I’m speaking end of September. December I’m doing Iron Maori half marathon in Napier. Then after that another goal of some sort, maybe book number two?

What’s your next challenge or goal? Could be anything, big or small:

  • Study?
  • Travel?
  • Saving?
  • Fitness?
  • Relationship improvement?
  • Music lessons?
  • Night class?
  • Local council?
  • Tell me!

I have more to say on challenges, watch my video by clicking here

Suz x

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Absorbing some brainy vibes!

I’m in the library, so I don’t find things to do at home, like clean.

Absorbing some brainy vibes…sitting in here. All my tabs are open. Set my goals, smashing the shit out of them. Goal number One is to do 21 km run in Iron Maori Napier December 2nd, 2017.  I ran around Massey, boxed yesterday just keeping fit each day, it helps my mood.

Goal number two is writing my UNPC, real, raw, relatable, earthy, funny parenting show! It’s in Napier, the first one is a fundraiser at the end of September. Tickets are available at our Napier OOSH store.

Procrastinating a bit, people watching, love it.  It’s hard to be quiet in here, I creepily whisper if people talk to me, I wanna yell out stuff! I respect librarians they seem so self-contained. Piano people come and randomly play it intrigues me to watch.

Have a great day.

Crazy mama Suz!

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Social media approval from the family

I’ve sat all my kids and hubby down a few weeks ago to talk. Asked them are they OK with me discussing topics including them openly on my public profile page.

  • Talking
  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • UNPC at times
  • Raw real relatable
  • Interactive
  • Thought provoking
  • Supportive to other parents
  • Business
  • Life
  • Discipline
  • Funny stories
  • Craziness 
  • Parenting our way
  • Them
  • Fun
  • Current daily events
  • Everything and anything

My kids are great, secure in themselves said they don’t mind at all, they like it. The kids at school think it’s cool one said. I’ve always been extremely open and honest with them from day one. It’s kinda normal for them, Mum is Mum.


  • A bit out there
  • UNPC
  • Tactless
  • Filter free
  • Extrovert

But ALWAYS with pure intentions, that’s how we Johnson’s roll.❤️ They agreed to talk to me if anything I do or say upsets them on here, so far so good. Their self-esteem is 100% intact. You, me and the kids are learning as we go, let’s support and help each other, life’s a crazy ride! Have a few laughs along the way.

I know my very open, not very private style will ruffle a few people’s feathers along this journey, but at least it gets us all talking and communicating. Pushing the limits and out of our comfort zone makes us feel alive.
Suz x


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Not My Problem


I learnt this from my boxing coach Mr Filipo Sana.

I forgot my wraps Filipo’ ‘not my problem Suz, I taught you to come prepared’

I can’t run in these boxing boots and I haven’t brought my sneakers Filipo’ ‘not my problem Suz, I taught you to come prepared, don’t make your problem my problem, I’m not owning that’.

We take on other peoples problems, in work and life unnecessarily:

  • Our kids
  • Our work mates
  • Our friends
  • Our jobs, especially as a supervisor or boss, people like to offload responsibility, its easier than fixing the problem themselves

Its frustrating when we have given the plan or the tools to succeed already. Like at staff training or family rules. So I will use this now not my problem you sort it out at home and work. I guess its human nature, easier to pass the problem on… try to make it some one else’s. If this happens; mirror image that problem right back at them… reflect. It could be the grenade theory, say not my problem.

If the kids aren’t prepared for the cross country at school, haven’t bothered to find their sneakers and gear until the morning, last minute before school its not your problem mum. So let them face the consequences of running in bare feet, let them feel the ripple effect of how being under-prepared affects them and those around them. Poor performance running, prickles and cold feet. Less house points for their team in school sports for poor performance. Hopefully they’ll be more prepared next time. The Johnson kids understand that every decision in life they make has a consequence and a ripple effect. More adults need to take this on board. Be responsible for your own shit!

A good parent an effective manager and supervisor gives the team the tools to do a good job and the respect to trust they will, the training, the inductions, the manuals, the resources and the communication. But a good manager doesn’t do other peoples jobs for them. They also don’t own others slack behaviors or responsibility and job avoidance. Use the mirror and grenade theory, chuck it back, leave them to deal with it not my problem its your job, you sort it, accept the consequences and ripple effects.


Suz x


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Travelling for Work

Travelling for work makes me feel unhinged at time, people keep telling me I’m LUCKY getting to travel with work. Its not luck, I think I’m lucky to get to come home.

I’ve just been to China, buying fabric from massive crazy fabric markets, with a few million other humans, that were all trying to do the same thing. Hustle, bustle, the people, bikes, cars, its like the A & P show amusement rides area on steroids and red-bulls. Noise, always noise, yelling, horns, cars, trucks and chatter. I start to feel a little unhinged and mental by about the fifth day of work.

The language barrier!!! The spitting everywhere. I feel like I’m on an episode of TV’s fear factor food eating. Menu’s not in English, so I guess what I’m eating, pointing at a picture that looks like the color of chicken. Must be chicken, ahhh no, to discover later its frog (by making various animal noises to the waiter). I thought I’d relax with a nice Chinese massage after a 20 hour plane journey. I’m left with bruises, can’t wear my handbag or lean against the back of a chair. Bruises galore, a Chinese massage is basically “getting a hiding” with the nice title of “massage”.

Pooing in stand on toilets and my aim ain’t to flash… missing! Handling the taxi drivers which fancy themselves as racing car drivers like Shumacher. The constant feeling of going to be ripped off as I’ve had my handbag stolen in China before. So always on edge and aware. It makes me feel a bit mental, manic, unhinged, the chaos, everyone on their own mission. The eating alone and missing my family. There’s no time to chill because there’s people EVERYWHERE and work to do in a short time.

I’m a talker as Oprah said “she’s a talking child” I love to talk, so I get lonely travelling alone. If there’s a language barrier, I always wonder if that’s how the deaf feel… lonely in a world full of people moving around them, but not understanding what they are saying. So I guess I sound like that fella on that TV program… an idiot abroad (name I can’t remember) and ungrateful. After all its work 8am till 8pm. I’ve never seen the great wall. I’m grateful that I’ve created a work life for myself to be free and independent to travel as a woman. I am grateful I have the confidence to do so and trust my instincts to take care of myself when I travel.

It makes me appreciate my own friendly country of New Zealand. It makes me appreciate and feel grateful our pollution free air, I get headaches in China’s industrial city. I feel grateful when I’m away to be able to go home to my own bed and fridge of familiar food, hug my kids, see my friends and animals.

So I am not lucky to travel, lucky is winning lotto. I’m not complaining, I’m grateful for the opportunities as a Kiwi woman to be self employed and travel. But am more grateful to get to go home.

I guess that old saying, home is where the heart is, resonates with me being away from home. Makes me appreciate experiences I get, but really appreciate the simple things like blue sky, fresh fruit, how good I have it at home in New Zealand.

Check out my videos, to get a feel for what its like in China, click here and here.



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I need to think differently about aging! I turned 43 on the 16th of February. Freaking me out only seven years until I’m 50… that’s half a century.

I guess we believe we have lost our youth and will get old and wrinkly. I need to think of this age thing in a different way. Age is change, change is good, its moving forward, I’ve made it to 43.

I’ve learnt so much in the last year, two years, ten years. I’m a totally different woman than I was at 20, 30, especially at 40. I’m more sure of who I am now than I’ve ever been. Just because I’m aging doesn’t mean I’ll get ugly. It means that I have bigger laugh lines, lived in skin. I have experienced ups and downs, learnt new things about others and mostly myself. I need to own it, be glad I’ve grown older and believe I’m lucky to still be on this earth among the people I love for another year. I am who I am…

Media has a lot to answer for, age is never portrayed as a positive thing. No old Super Hero’s, no Super Grannies, no Old and wise Grannie with a perm in red Lycra flying to save the day. Society only thinks you are strong when you are young. I’m stronger physically and emotionally at 43 than I was at 20.

Each day is a gift, life is a gift, be thankful, be grateful especially for the little things. As we age we are evolving, growing, learning, changing, that’s a real privilege, especially when I think of people I know who have passed young.

I am aging gracefully, not fighting it, using face cream but not surgery. I’m still challenging myself, setting goals, making the most of what I have before I’m incontinent. I know I’ll never look 20 again, I can’t trick or defy gravity with my boob height and wrinkles. But I have experienced, I’ve lived, loved, laughed and am owning this skin. I am fitter and eating healthier than when I was young. I am grateful to get another year in this body to be me… Mum, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Employer, Sister, Auntie and Neighbor.

Check out my video on age by clicking here

Suz xox

Hating your body affects all of your life!

Body Image


Why do us woman and girls seem to constantly criticise our bodies…?

When I used to look in the mirror I’d see, bum with dimply cellulite and back rolls, non perky boobs with stretch marks, a non flat tummy… no thigh gap. Hating your body effects all of your life. Its negative, you can’t 100% focus on the good things like relationships, work and parenting. It causes bad moods, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. I think its such a waste of quality time, time that can be used for good, positive purpose. My husband sees comforting and attractive curves to spoon and my kids say I’m soft to cuddle and think I’m beautiful. Why can’t we embrace this curvaceous, not perfect body not for what it looks like, but for all it can do?

My soft tummy with dimples grew all my beautiful children. My now saggy boobs fed them. The cellulitey bum sat as I comforted and cuddled my family and loved them all unconditionally. My big thighs walked them around. My strong arms and hands cooked and cleaned, held, cuddled, lifted and provided for them. Really our bodies are a marvel at what they can do: run, jump, think. The organs pump, filter, build, warm and supply us blood and oxygen to live. Instead of concentrating on the thousands of incredible things our bodies can do, we obsess on one thing, how it looks.

Its a narrow focus on weight, weight is such a tiny part of what the body can do. Society is drowning in media images of how women should look, photo shopped and unrealistic. Look at the skeletal, emaciated bodies on the fashion runway, that’s considered beautiful. On the front of every magazine and TV advertising. Skinny is perceived as healthy, which is not always true. You can be curvaceous, healthy and fit too. We yo-yo diet and beat ourselves up if we don’t get down to conform to a certain size society accepts. No woman seems happy no matter what size they are with their body. Small boobs, big boobs, no hips, big hips, big bum, no bum. There is so much pressure to loose post baby weight on mums after a delivery instead of concentrating wholeheartedly on baby. We worry about our squishy tummy and boobs and dropping the baby weight. Society makes us believe that we aren’t beautiful or worthy of value if we  are not skinny, its wrong our priorities are wrong. Think of the big companies and the billions of dollars they make from the fad diets and telling us we need to look younger with creams, lotions, make up, surgeries, botox etc. The images will only increase, with social media and the way the world is heading. We need to stop and pause and reflect on our own bodies. Evaluate and celebrate that we are all unique individuals, no one is the same. Celebrate these bodies on what they do, not how they look. Remember curves are womanly, we don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

I say its good to be different to my kids. Pipi my eldest daughter is amazing at creative things, drawing, dance and has an amazing bond with animals. Scarlet is kind, gentle, funny and academic. My girls are so different in every way. I don’t want society to define them on looks alone then judge. Its up to us as mothers and roll models to give them confidence to praise them on their accomplishments. Not what they look like! Then learn to self praise and accept compliments ourselves. Teach that bodies do amazing things. Bodies are fit capable, strong, enduring and have incredible mechanics inside. Teach them to get self esteem from everywhere… like doing things for others, kindness, creating, humor, arts, academics and sport, not from looks alone. Make sure your daughters understand curves are womanly and puberty creates curves and that’s OK… your bodies a marvel.

How do you find inner peace within your own body? How do you learn to love your body? I think it takes time and learning to change negative thought patterns. Embrace the fact no ones perfect, its not realistic to think we all can be. When you are negative to yourself, quickly rethink and change what ever you said to a positive. Give yourself permission to have curves, to eat the cake. Accept the fact that over nine month stretch marks developed, due to growing a human inside, someone you created. Have confidence in the fact your body has lived, is aging, curves are nothing to feel shame about. Women need to tell themselves they are beautiful, soft, warm and valued. If you are curvy embrace the uniqueness. Remembering to concentrate on what the body does, all the things it can do and has done, the positives. Say things nice about yourselves out loud, that your daughters hear. Daughters absorb from you a lot of how they feel about themselves. Also look in the mirror, smile, have a positive inner voice. Accept compliments from partners or anyone and say “Thank You”. Talk about curvy hips and bums as a positive thing. Appreciate what you have and find clothes that fit you well and you feel good in. Ignore the numbers on the scales and the size labels in clothes, you are who you are. Cut the label out if its bothers you that much. Wear togs, no matter what size you are, swim with your kids and live. Women need to stop judging other women, stop worrying what others think, who cares! Help ourselves to accept ourselves and stop this guilt ridden love hate emotional relationship with our bodies.

My husband said to be honest its not the flat chested, no butt, waif, model like figures men look at. Its the hips, bums, boobs and curves they like. So start to celebrate what your body can do and remember no one is perfect… what is perfect? Celebrate your difference and embrace your uniqueness, no one else is like you. An original one of a kind! Your curvaceous body is a lived in dimply marvel… its a vessel.

Life would be boring if we were all the same. You are here for a reason and its not to have a perfect body. You are here for a way BIGGER reason than that… embrace the curves and find your purpose, make a difference.

Love Suz xox

But Why?.. Crazy Mumma Suz

Why?… its a question I ask myself daily.

Why Suzie do you do what you do? Mum to five kids, wife to husband Kiwi & hands on owner & clothing designer for The OOSH Experience. A group of stores born from $5 and a dream to empower woman to be comfortable in the body there are in, with honest advice and some great NZ Made clothing. Oops almost forgot to mention I also run a NZ Made clothing factory, property investment company and importing business, as well I’m a motivational public speaker, radio host, business coach and entertainer extraordinaire, (breath Suzie breath)…phew!

Life’s never boring round here, some people call me crazy, where does she get her energy, how does she do what she does… why does she do what she does? When times are tough and I haven’t seen my kids for a while or I’m sitting alone in a motel room, that why? question comes up a lot.

What do I know about myself.  I’m a passionate 40 something Crazy Mumma, my life lessons confirm that I was put on this earth to make a difference. Yeah I make mistakes, but I don’t let them stop me. I know who I am and I know I’m good at what I do. I’m empowering others with my experiences and knowledge in my own Crazy Mumma way. Yeah its corny, but my kids have to grow up in this world, so I need to make it a better place!

So that question again… Why? Because I can, because I’m good at it and hell why not?


We’ll talk again soon, Love Suz xox


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